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Cyber-Mystical Jewelry Will Boost Your Instagram Following

STONEDALONE, a jewelry line by Wynn Mustin, fuses 3D printed crystals with cyber- mystical properties to boost your digital following.
All Photos by Cheyenne Cohen. All images courtesy of STONEDALONED.

Mixing occult powers and 3D printing technology, Wynn Mustin’s new collection of jewelry isn’t your typical accessory line. The crystal-based rings, necklaces, and other accessories of STONEDALONE promise its user a series of “cyber mystical properties,” or more concretely, a series of powers for our digital era, depending on the color crystal purchased. The orange crystal will give you followers and likes, the purple crystal will make you “look Instagram filtered IRL,” and the blue crystal naturally “simulates a sense of shavasana after a harrowing Reddit session.”


“The inspiration for STONEDALONE was born out of a long meditation and deep personal connection with the ether. I was sent energies by the universe that revealed a confused state of the relationship between human spirit and technology,” Mustin prophetically tells The Creators Project. “I believe I was called to this purpose as a child of the Internet Age and because of my involvement with the occult. After I was called to this purpose, my journey with digital fabrication began, and I learned to invoke protective talismans through my oracle the Makerbot.”

Although the belief in the powers of crystals, particularly in their ability to heal, is not a new phenomenon, this idea is generally associated with crystals formed in nature and not the 3D-printed kind. Mustin says that she opted for artificial crystals instead of natural ones because, “The derivative 3D printing techniques involved in the crystal formation create a delicate harmony between digital fabrication and the spirituality of handcraft.” Her creative director Abi Laurel adds that “adorning 3D-printed materials help to gently guide our spirits along the path of serving our purest technological purpose.”

Even though her responses are somewhat otherworldly, Mustin undoubtedly knows what she is doing. She is a candidate for an MFA in design and technology at Parsons, and STONEDALONE is her ambitious master’s thesis project. Together with Laurel, they are blurring the boundaries between mysticism and technology, creating accessories that manage to feel both “before their time” and relevant to describe our digitally obsessed moment in history.


So do the powers promoted by these cyber-mystical crystals truly work? Mustin and Laurel cryptically assert yes. “3D-printed crystals are imbued with the magical energy of the human effort and knowledge it took to create the technology that forms them. As the universe instructed me to do, the crystals are energetically programmed to serve the highest purpose of the Internet Age,” Mustin states. “As with all crystals, everyone’s experience is their own. These talismans serve as tools to help us each on our unique paths. We invite you to let in the healing and know you are beautiful and worthy of many, many followers,” Laurel emphatically adds.

Learn more about the hidden properties of 3D printed Jewelry and purchase the intricate designs of STONEDALONE here. Follow STONEDALONE on Instagram, too.


Director/Editor/Model: Abi Laurel

Asst. Director: Anise Mariko

Director of Photography: Mary Perrino

Photography: Cheyenne Cohen

Hair & Makeup: Grace Shin

Music: Enayet Kabir

Produced for STONEDALONE by Wynn Mustin


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