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Flying Timelapse Technology Is Here to Change Aerial Photography Forever

Brian Bloss' new technique makes timelapses in impossible places possible.
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[Timelapse photography](http://Gorgeous 10K Timelapse Documents Night and Day in LA) is reaching literal new heights thanks to an experimental technique filmmaker Brian Bloss has developed over the last year and a half. In a new video called Aerialapse, Bloss combines timelapse with aerial photography, allowing a drone to capture a smooth and satisfying midair timelapse. Aerialapse is his first video demonstrating the new process, sweeping over natural vistas and open urban areas that would normally be impossible to timelapse.


"When I started I had no idea what I was doing and what was possible. I have been waiting to release this until its perfect," he writes on Vimeo. As the ability to stabilize both the drone and the footage itself advances, we're sure to see fascinating locales shot from never-before-scene perspectives. Think: a timelapse of the Northern Lights from inside the auroral borealis.

Aerial photography has changed the way we perceive space, from the time pioneering balloonists first captured Paris from above in the 1850s. More recently, timelapses have altered our perception of patterns in natural and human life. See how powerful the combination can be in Bloss' video below.

See more of Brian Bloss' work on Vimeo.


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