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Facing Darkness? Rainbow-Bright Collages Will Fix That

Rising above the societal scrum, Louise Ingalls Sturges floods a gallery space with free-wheeling color.
All images courtesy Showboat Gallery and the artist

Calling all color enthusiasts: That depressing news cycle no longer has to get you down. In the service of uplifting others, artist Louise Ingalls Sturges creates a series of color-drenched collages that are almost hyperbolic in their cheeriness. In one piece, paints trickle down the expanse of a canvas, creating depth in the form of a rainbow-hued garden as a flatly painted smiley face beams out effusively in the foreground. Another fascinating piece strings together dozens of tiny sequins on fabric to create a mosaic of colors, spelling out a positive mantra embedded in the center.


The series, drolly titled A Lot of Tears Make Rainbows, is currently showing at Showboat Gallery in Highland Park,  Los Angeles. The gallery describes it as weaving ideas of melancholia under positivity throughout: “steeped in the storm of a brewing and controversial presidential election and the perpetual violence seen on the nightly news, [A Lot of Tears Make Rainbows] strongly infuses […] positivity and hope for peace.”

It's a merry hodge-podge of the sunny and serious, addressing concepts of “independence, friendship,… love and mortality, with a nod to the politics of freedom and of feminism.”

Desi Moore, the owner and curator at Showboat Gallery, shares how the art space’s message melds with themes of compassion by donating a small portion of each show’s profits to a local charity: “I like to find ones that focus on keeping art and music education available to all children, regardless of their financial or social situation. Even if that means bringing a box of art supplies to the local library […]  I can't imagine not having that as a child, and feel that [it] is so important.”

A 9-foot rainbow placed on top of the gallery space, also constructed by the artist.

A Lot of Tears Make Rainbows shows at Showboat Gallery in Los Angeles through October 13, 2016. To learn about to exhibit, click here.


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