Brain-Melting Machines, 3D Animation, and Underwater Art | Culture Beat Episode 1

In the first episode of Culture Beat, we visit "Detroitis" sculptor Ryan Doyle, check out 3D designer and animator Randy Cano's home studio, and scuba dive down to Jason DeCaires Taylor's underwater sculpture garden.
August 25, 2016, 7:30pm

Culture Beat is our bi-weekly roundup of the most exciting, outlandish, and mind-expanding cultural happenings and projects that we can get our hands on. In this first episode, we visit "Detroitis" sculptor Ryan Doyle at his LA show opening to get a glimpse of his art cars and interactive build outs. Doyle’s work is massive loud and often dangerous by design to challenge the emotions of the viewer. Then we visit 3D designer and animator Randy Cano in his home to see what inspires his trippy, experimental pieces, from melting faces to bouncing balls. Then, look back at our trip to the Bahamas with Jason DeCaires Taylor, who built the world's largest underwater sculpture, doubling as a habitat for ocean life.


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