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Gravity-Defying Self-Portraits Capture Ballet in Midair

Armed with a remote-controlled tripod and incredible athletic abilities, dancer Mickael Jou captures the ultimate levitating selfies.
365 by Mickael Jou via

It’s not a bird… It’s not a plane… It’s Berlin-based dancer Mickael Jou, who appears to be flying through the air with the greatest of ease in his magical self-portrait photo series, 365.

At first glance, Jou’s perfect poses seem to be the triumph of photo manipulation, or the wire-and-harness wizardry of levitating photographer Li Wei. Jou’s elevated elegance, however, is the result of much more DIY gravity-defying efforts: similar to Tokyo-based photographer Hayashi Natsumi, Jou creates his photographs with physical skills and a remote-controlled tripod.


For each photograph, the dancer picks a setting, like the bustling city streets of Paris and Berlin, or a vibrant natural landscape, sets up his tripod, and leaps. In spite of curious tourists, challenging lighting situations, and the athletic mastery required of his poses, Jou maintains pristine posture and form, achieving a series of fantastical photos that pay glorious tribute to the beauty of dance.

Keep up to date on Jou’s graceful installments on his website and his Tumblr. Via Dailymail


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