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Know Your Hashtag: It's #MuseumSelfie Day

Follow the #ArtSelfie's cousin, the #MuseumSelfie, through the art institutions of the world.

Reflection in @AnishKapoor (untitled) at @metmuseum with @erinmallory in 2009

We've all been guilty of whipping out our camera phones and taking a selfie with a famous work of art, whether we were cheesing it with the Mona Lisa or lying doggo alongside with Kara Walker's sugar sculpture. Today is #MuseumSelfie Day, a campaign launched by @CultureThemes last year that encourages people to pose in front of their favorite paintings, dinosaur bones, or other museum specimen. From the Brooklyn Museum to the Google Art Project, check out some of our favorites from the creative flood of submissions, and be sure to join in on the fun by uploading a photo on to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MuseumSelfie:


Oh jeez. Who told the artworks from @americanart & @NPG it was #MuseumSelfie day?

— Smithsonian (@smithsonian) January 21, 2015

Someone's excited for #MuseumSelfie Day today. Stop by, get inspired, and share your pics - Selfie Sticks, optional!

— brooklynmuseum (@brooklynmuseum) January 21, 2015

Today is @MuseumSelfieDay! Share a #MuseumSelfie w/ us, here's @wrdodger w/a little inspiration

— Royal Ontario Museum (@ROMtoronto) January 21, 2015

I asked this Poe-faced @HornimanMuseum bird to be in my #MuseumSelfie but all it quoth was "Nevermore". Disquieting.

— Paolo Viscardi (@PaoloViscardi) January 21, 2015

It's #MuseumSelfie day! Share your pics in your favourite museums! Here a #selfie by Egon Schiele @Leopold_Museum

— Google Art Project (@googleart) January 21, 2015

If you liked it, then you shoulda carved a ring on it … probably my all-time favourite #MuseumSelfie.

— Ryan Nelson (@RyanJohnNelson) January 21, 2015

Tomorrow is #MuseumSelfie Day! Share your selfies from the Met and we’ll RT our favorites!

— metmuseum (@metmuseum) January 21, 2015

how embarrassing…shakespeare and I are wearing the same thing! @shakespearebt #MuseumSelfie @MuseumSelfieDay

— Jennifer (@jczreid) January 21, 2015


Today is @MuseumSelfieDay ! I am ruling the @britishmuseum #MuseumSelfie

— Lego Loki (@Loki_Lego) January 21, 2015

Wednesday Jan. 21 is #MuseumSelfie Day! We can't wait to see your photos! Remember the hashtag and share :-)

— Nova Scotia Museum (@ns_museum) January 20, 2015

#MuseumSelfie of me and my extended family @museumnaturalis #MuseumSelfieDay

— Menno Schilthuizen (@schilthuizen) January 21, 2015


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