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"Infinity" Is An Audio-Visual Concoction That Will Shake Your Senses

BRDG's newest video is two-minute jolt to your senses—perfect for that afternoon office lull.
July 31, 2014, 8:50pm

The Creators Project has been following the awesome exploits of Japanese VJ powerhouse group BRDG for a while, but their newest VJing endeavor is a particularly captivating A/V concoction. Infinity, viewable above, is the type of video pick-me-up that has a sensory kick not unlike drinking your morning coffee way too fast.

The two-minute short opens with a kaleidoscopic wheel of what look like human faces, backdropped by silence and seemingly suspended in space. About five seconds into the video, the animation jolts to life, constructing a suspenseful build up fraught with ghostly grayscale images and disorienting—yet strangely rhythmic—music. Halfway through, however, the piece re-sparks itself and your screen will get hit with a deluge of colorful shapes and forms.


Composed by BRDG-member Kezzardix (alongsideear-bursting electronic beats generated by Yu Miyashita), Infinity is a real cornea melter. Get lost in the sensory stimulation above, and imagine how intense the footage would be projected six-feet-high and blasted through some speakers stacked to the roof.

For an added bonus, check out some GIFs of the twisted details from he Infinity video, in case you needed an extra dose of hypnosis.

To find more of BRDG's intense VJ materials, check out their Vimeo page. You can also ogle some footage of their live sets on their Twitter and YouTube pages.


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