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'The Motion Paradox': Kaleidoscopic VJ Visuals Mapped To Dark Electronic Beats

Grainy, greyscale graphics, from the glitch gods over at BRDG.
March 26, 2014, 4:50pm

Whilst checking out yesterday's digital sculptures by Adam Martinakis, did you find yourself desiring a little bit of music to be added to the mix? How about when you check out this 3D-printed Wheel of Life? Didn't you just want to see it move?

Well, it's your lucky day.

In a completely unrelated bit of net serendipity, Japanese VJ collective, BRDG, has released a new video that combines the CG-humanoid aesthetic of Martinakis' work with the kaleidoscopic surrealism of the 3D-printed bone wheel. We've written about BRDG members before, but this new piece knocks our wire mesh socks clean off. Known enigmatically as The Motion Paradox, it might be the best in generative, VJ'ed goodness we've seen all week:

The greyscale video, which features more tweaked torsos than Silent Hill could shake a rusty cleaver at, was released on Vimeo's Staff Picks last week, and is rapidly picking up steam. BRDG-member Kezzardrix used the Unity3D game engine, openFrameworks and Max6 to generate the visuals which oh-so perfectly pair with the glitch IDM dirge provided by Japanese beatsmith, Yaporigami. These are glitch aesthetics at their finest; Aphex Twin, eat your heart out.

Below, some of our favorite screenshots from The Motion Paradox:

Enjoy what you just saw? Of course you did. Listen to more Yaporigami here, and stay tuned to the BRDG Facebook page for more in glitchy VJ goodness.