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Max Cooper's New Video Is A Visual Feat Shot Through Countless Shattered Mirrors

"Supine" is not for the superstitious.
May 23, 2014, 3:50pm

Max Cooper's newest video is not for the superstitious. "Supine," a track off recent LP Human,eschews narrative and story for a stunning visual display of refracted light that springs off countless broken mirrors. It's so gorgeously iridescent that we think the aesthetics might overcome the lifetime of bad luck so many shattered mirrors could inspire.

The light dances in tune with the bouncy tracky, and director Tom Geraedts told The Creators Project Netherlands that the glitchy track inspired in him images of "exploding mirrors and pulsating, stroboscopic images." Thus, the crew broke an army of mirrors themselves with hammers and used a projector hung above the pieces to capture the colorful beams of light. "Each shard has its own unique shape and reflect the images in completely random way," said Geraedts.


Watch the video above and see some stills of the vibrant mirrors below. Hey, at least they didn't include latters or black cats.

See more on Max Cooper's website:


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