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It's Time to Relax With These Soothing Geometric GIFs

These minimalist designs will have you captivated.

This article was originally published on June 24, 2014 but we think it still rocks!

One look at the GIFs on this page and you can tell that the person behind them has mathematical sensibilities. They were created by David Whyte using the Processing software, and their spinning geometric movements are simply mesmerizing to look at. Whyte posts his creations to his Bees & Bombs Tumblr and they lean heavily on his scientific and mathematical background, playing with shapes and motion as formations shift and slide to form new patterns. The movements can be both subtle or dramatic but are always fascinating. They show how, with a little coding, Whyte can create complex patterns out of minimalist design.


Whyte's been making GIFs for the Bees & Bombs Tumblr since 2011 and he's also posted a short how-to so people can create GIFs themselves using Processing.

Check out some of his designs below.

h/t Colossal


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