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Afternoon Animation: Destronic's New Music Video Inspired By The Little Prince And Outer Space

For the French indie band's newest single "Look", design team Thomas Blanchard and Etienne Perrin created a digital wonderland.

DESTRONICS - 'Look' Remember that brief period in middle school when all the girls were taller than the boys, and a "date" was just being in the same room? Relive nostalgia for school dances of yore with "Look," the newest video from French indie band Destronics. With special effects created by Thomas Blanchard and Etienne Perrin, the video is the result of a lengthy editing process integrating 3D and motion design elements, and the first time DMESH technology has been used on this scale.


We briefly spoke with Blanchard who had this to say about the video:

The videoclip of Destronics's single 'Look' is a motion design and graphic clip using the DMESH technology, image by image. Featuring two young lovers in a dreamy, post-apocalyptic landscape that is typical of those invented by the French indie dance pop duo, the work is mainly inspired by Antoine de Saint Exupery's masterpiece The Little Prince"

"'Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction,' said the French author, and this is what symbolizes these two young spiritual lovers watching this landscape."

Directed by Thomas Blanchard & Etienne Perrin

Executive Producer : Benjamin Ackoun

Produced by Destronics

Cinematography by Michel Vendittelli

Lights assistant : Chloé “Swii” Li Fraine

Machinist : Damien Lecoq

Choreographer : Jennifer Rochelemagne

Edited by Etienne Perrin

SFX by Nicolas Chanay & Thomas Blanchard

Actors : Barth Pellet et Lola Viand.

Thomas Blanchard