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Toyko Flashes To Life With CG Shapes In Night Stroll

When the lights go down on the streets of Tokyo, strange forms come to life in this synesthetic video.

Go for a stroll around Tokyo at night and you expect to be met by columns of neon and light-dotted skyscrapers, what you probably wouldn't expect is animated shapes flashing down the road at you. Spinning triangles, erupting squares, and other dazzling forms animate the quiet suburban streets of nighttime Tokyo in Tao Tajima's Night Stroll.

Tajima didn't conjure these singing shapes out of thin air, even though they may look like he did. He shot it near his home, tracking it with 3D computer graphics software before adding in CG shapes and reflections, for some fantastical results and some expert lighting effects that look almost real.


[via Vimeo Staff Picks]