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A Stunning Tribute to Cinema's Greatest Tracksuits

It's your thing, do what you wanna do.
Tracksuits are sexy. Image: screenshot from Leisure on the Lens

Terrycloth Juicy Couture, or three-striped Adidas? In Travis Greenwood and Robert Jones’ movie supercut, nobody has to choose. The writer and video editor co-produced an aspring viral video called Leisure on the Lens: Tracksuits in the Movies, a mashup of Hollywood stylists’ greatest moments in athletic wear.

WIth footage from 74 movies, cartoon and live action, blockbuster and obscure, the video doesn’t discriminate against less-popular tracksuits. Nor does it preference tracksuits worn for the sake of exercise over those worn for fashion. There are evil villains in tracksuits, Mean Girls in tracksuits. Bill Murray wears a red one, Will Ferrell wears a black one. The women of Pitch Perfect dance their tracksuits off, while Uma Thurman bloodies hers. There are Americana tracksuits, shiny silver tracksuits, shiny gold tracksuits, leather tracksuits, short sleeved, long sleeved, zipped, unzipped, clean, and sweaty tracksuits. Some tracksuit-wearers work out, a few run triumphantly down the beach, and still others just sit there, contemplating their life in tracksuit.


Set to the funky soundtrack of the Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing,” the compilation will inspire you to do your thing, and change immediately into your favorite tracksuit. Check out the whole thing below.

See more of Greenwood’s video compilations on YouTube.


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