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Giant Human Heads Invade Famous Galleries

These faces dwarf the works of Damien Hirst, Peter Paul Reubens, and Roy Liechtenstein.
Images courtesy the artist

Seeing a giant human head dwarfing the works of Damien Hirst, Roy Liechtenstein, and Peter Paul Reubens is thrilling and perplexing, especially once you realize they're real. At a glance, Tezi Gabunia's Put Your Head into Gallery looks like a series of massive, impossibly hyperrealist sculptures installed in famous museums and galleries. A few more seconds you realize that the heads aren't larger than life—the galleries are tiny.


Gabunia invited visitors to participate in his spoof of scale, sticking their faces and heads into exquisite miniatures of the Louvre, Gagogian Gallery, Tate Modern, and his own show at Saatchi Gallery—which is fictional. He and collaborators Andro Eradze, Saba Shengelia, Chipo Pelicano, Giorgi Machavariani, and Ani Beridze photographed the result.

Gabunia, a co-founder of CopyPaste art collective, refers to his style as "Falsification," dealing specifically with the way information gets distorted in the virtual world. Put Your Head into Gallery is a perfect example of how stripping the metadata from an artwork can change its meaning and interpretation. Check out the images and a video explaining how the photos were captured, below.

See more of Tezi Gabunia's work on his website.


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