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The Artificially-Intelligent Apocalypse Looks Better in 360°

Digital artist Michael Green and experimental musician Jónó Mí Ló launch the first chapter of a five-part series about a world consumed by super-intelligent AI.
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Rogue artificial intelligence comes alive in a short 360° video, giving viewers a taste of designer Michael Green and musician Jónó Mí Ló's forthcoming five-part C V B 3 R W A R series. An examination of human vulnerability in the face of a super-intelligent, militarized AI, the scene sets down in 2045. Kurzweil’s Singularity has arrived, and human forces face an army of self-aware machines that were originally created to fight "the terrorists."


The first-person camera places us in a barren desert, shoulder to shoulder with two impotent infantrymen amidst what appears to be a firefight between warring machines. A pair of white drones, hovering a few feet off the ground, begin to encircle the soldiers. Flanking in the distance, a bipedal war machine, similar to Megabots’ American Mk. II, approaches. Once the new bot gets in range, we start to hear rounds going off. The soldiers remain lifeless, trapped in this bizarre, zero-gravity bubble that Green explains was brought on by nanobots that entered the nervous system, turning humans into zombies. The machines have assembled a unified army, growing so fast that evolution couldn't keep nature in balance and molecular nanotechnology eats away at every living thing on earth, slowly consuming all life and turning our home into a grey planet. Get stoked about the future below:

Stay on top of future episodes of C V B 3 R W A R on Michael Green’s YouTube channel, here.


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