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A Colorful Cosmic Installation Celebrates the Royal Astronomical Society's 200th

Jessica Lloyd-Jones and Ant Dickinson bring the wonders of the galaxy to a Welsh festival.
Cosmos effect within 'Particles' installation, Jessica Lloyd-Jones 2016. Photo Credit: Andrew Gale.

A colorful and mesmerizing sensory installation brings astronomy to life for the Royal Astronomical Society’s 200th anniversary. Titled Particles, the video projectioncovers walls and ceiling, and is surrounded by darkness to simulate the idea of being pulled into a black hole.

Created by the UK-based digital art duo of visual light artist Jessica Lloyd-Jones and sound designer and technologist Ant DickinsonParticles is part of The National Eisteddfod of Wales, a cultural festival which combines literature, music, performance, and visual arts. The festival also serves as a two-year long project which brings communities together for collaborative workshops and learning opportunities.


NASA footage of the sun within 'Particles' installation, Jessica Lloyd-Jones 2016. Photo Credit: Andrew Gale.

The partnership between the festival, Aberystwyth University, and the Royal Astronomical Society seeks to present geophysics and astronomy in new ways through the arts. In the process of creating Particles, Lloyd-Jones and Dickinson spent time learning from professor Eleri Pryse, a physicist at Aberystwyth University. The result of their conversations was a detailed installation that is deeply linked to science. Its colors were inspired by the aurora, and the patterns are both wondrous and scientifically guided. Both the artists and the university hope that this installation will expose more people to the stunning beauty of astronomy.

Check out Particles in action below:

'Particles' from Jessica Lloyd-Jones on Vimeo.

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