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Check Out These New Water-Focused Murals from a Paddleboarding Street Artist

Abandoned docks and indoor icebergs host Hula's latest site-specific artworks.
Lewa. Images courtesy the artist

Known for painting vivid wall portraits from the safety of his paddle board, surf riding street artist, Sean ‘Hula’ Yoro, is back this month with the release of two new installation paintings. The mural splayed across an abandoned dock above, entitled Lewa, is one of Hula's latest works.  Lewa depicts a woman delicately floating above water level, eyes askance, with her hands and arms resting by either side of her head. The artist asked that the location of the mural be kept private.


A more public display of Hula's work comes from a collaboration with Instagram for the Facebook Cannes Lions Festival 2016. He painted a split portrait across two separate icebergs, a medium the artist has worked with since a project last year called A’o ‘Ana (The Warning).

Instagram x Hula

Instagram x Hula

Hula is now working on a new waterside painting in Long Beach for the POW! WOW! Art Festival, alongside muralists like Cinta Vidal, Pantone, DEFER, Selena Miles, Pantonio, Sarah Joncas, and HITOTZUKI. A picture posted on the POW! WOW!! festival’s Instagram page shows an image of the new mural in progress under the Queensway Bridge.

A photo posted by POW! WOW! Worldwide (@powwowworldwide) on Jul 17, 2016 at 8:21pm PDT

For more paintings by Hula, head over to his website and be sure to keep any eye for more work coming out of the POW! WOW! Arts Festival, here.


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