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Place Yourself in the Diver's Seat in This Underwater Cave Immersion

An underwater cave diving video by Norwegian filmmaker Jonas Pedersen completely immerses the viewer.
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The Norwegian underwater photographer Jonas Pedersen has a rather thin reel. Though what he has created with his new Vimeo video, Cave Diving El Toh - Yucatan, is absolutely stunning work.

Accompanied by divers Christoffer Brenna and Sebastien Kister, Pedersen descends into the underwater cave, El Toh, in Mexico. Armed with three different types of lights and a Sony a7S camera in Nauticam housing, known for its great low-light filming capabilities, Pedersen films the cave in sweeping cinematic scale. Pedersen captures El Toh in so much rich alien detail, the video would likely make Ridley Scott blush.


Pedersen’s work also conjures Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams—minus the 3D aspect. Nevertheless, if viewers purposely expand the short film on their own screens, it can be an extremely immersive version of nature filmmaking.

To see more work by Jonas Pedersen click, here.


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