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As Day Changes to Night, So Do These Artworks

Artworks made to be viewed in the dark, as well as the light, line the walls of the Joseph Gross Gallery for 'Night & Day.'
Lucinda Grange, "Dancing With The Stars." 2016. HD Duraclear print on Raygler Lightbox. 33.1 x 46.8. Images courtesy the gallery.

While gallery-hopping is more of a daytime activity, and openings and receptions reserved for the night, what if an artwork was made to be seen differently during both times? This is the question that director of the Joseph Gross Gallery, Lynzy Blair, asks in a new show entitled, Night & Day. Blair both came up with the idea and curated the featured works herself, challenging nine different multidisciplinary artists to create works that would change over the course of a day. Like the light just before dawn—or at sunset—the results are simply magical.


Eric Ruggiero, "First Ludford Loudres." 2016. Mixed Media: C+ Print, Oak, LEDs. 38  x 26 x 13 in.

The show features artists like Jason Peters, an installation artist who creates geometric light sculptures that center around found objects like a tire or a bucket, and well as Lala Abaddon, a painter who creates highly saturated digital landscapes of spiritual worlds, “oscillating between representational and abstract,” according to the gallery. Many of the artworks contain LED installments within their composition that are switched on when it gets dark. Other pieces work through a diverse variety of materials and mediums including cardboard, photography, acrylic plexi, and neon.

Viewers, in fact, are encouraged to view the works in both day and nighttime settings, with the Gallery extending their hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to allow viewers to experience the show in full. And while some of the works may seem fixed, without any sort of illuminating components, the gallery says when the sun goes down, a “light element” is activated within each piece in the exhibition. Thus, woven into each artwork is a shared duality, experienceable representations facilitated by both light and dark.

Installation image: Boris Ipsum.

Jason Peters, "Kepler's Myster," 2016. Mixed Media: fluorescent tubes, custom brackets, wire. 96 x 84 x 84 in.

Lala Abaddon, "If These Walls Could Talk." Two hand-cut and hand woven c-prints. 24 x 36 in.

The Night & Day exhibition will be up at the Joseph Gross Gallery through August 27, 2016. For more information, head over to the gallery’s website here.


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