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Music Video "Under My Chair" Evokes Stop-Motion Woodland Fantasy

Tiptoe through the tulips with this brand new music video by Thomas Blanchard for Ladybug and the Wolf.

It's high time someone brought back the term "frolic." French folk duo Ladybug and the Wolf are a delightful acoustic outfit, who produce the type of whimsy in their tunes that can make any rainy day feel like a breezy summer afternoon. Their new video Under My Chair captures their charm perfectly, using a combination of layering and stop-motion animation techniques to weave the tale of an afternoon's frolic through a lush forest.


The video, directed by Thomas Blanchard, superimposes images of the idyllic wilderness over the faces of the singing band members. Framed by the staccato of stop motion, shapes, colors, and leaves flow over the foreground, perfectly accenting the magical world of Ladybug and the Wolf.

Part of the evocative "To Raise a Miniature Garden" EP available here, if you're as in love with the pristine visual stylings of Under My Chairas we are, be sure to check out more of Blanchard's work on his website.

Below, background-worthy selections from Under My Chair: