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New Site Combines Nail Art And Art History

Paintings by Kusama, Basquiat and Barry McGee are all getting manicured.
March 19, 2014, 4:20pm

3D-printed nail art may be pretty nifty, but sometimes sticking to the two dimensional classics is the best source of aesthetic inspiration. Susi Kenna, Assistant Director of Social Media at Fitz And Co., is blowing our minds with her Nail Art History Tumblr, a polished project (pun intended) that turns the work of famous artists into sharp nail designs.

From Kusama and Basquiat, to Barry McGee and Kaw, Kenna makes us feel guilty for ever biting our nails—there's so much creativity that could be painted on those claws. Check out some of the work below:



Barry McGee

Rob Pruitt

Jonathan Lasker


See more of Kenna's nail art here.

H/T Museum Nerd