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A Pop-Up Church of Scientology and a Farewell to Wallspace: Last Week in Art

Also last week: Ai Weiwei's denied visa and Banksy's million-dollar murals.
August 3, 2015, 2:00pm
Happy silver anniversary, Mr. Cruise. Image courtesy of CACA and Daniel Edwards. 

A lot went down last week in the weird and wild world of art. Some things were more scandalous than others, some were just plain wacky—but all of them are worth knowing about. Without any further adieu:

+ A "Pop-Up Church of Scientology" appeared at Florida’s CACA gallery alongside artist Daniel Edwards' celebration of Tom Cruise’s 25 years in the controversial community—a nude shroud of the actor measuring 14’ x 3’ and flaunting several inches of “immaculately groomed genitalia.” [CACA]


+ The U.K. denied Ai Weiwei’s application for a business visa on grounds of his "criminal" background. [The Guardian]

+ A day later, the British home secretary reviewed and overturned the rejection with apologies to the artist. [Art News]

+ A new report reveals continued sub-standard working conditions and wages for the migrant workers laboring on Abu Dhabi's museums. [The Art Newspaper]

+ Lauded Chelsea gallery Wallspace announced it will permanently close its doors on August 7th. [Artforum]  

+ Here’s a left-minded explanation for why even successful galleries are suffering in the current economic clime. [Bloomberg]

+ Two of Banksy's murals enter auction at a predicted price of $1 million. [BBC]

+ Museum prank of last week: A women’s history museum promised to residents of London’s East End was actually unveiled as a museum dedicated to the crimes of notorious woman killer, Jack the Ripper. [The Guardian]

+ On Thursday, Michael Jackson’s famous sequined white glove entered auction at $20,000 and left on the hand of some lucky soul for a humble $64,000. [Mirror]

+ Keep an eye out in the not-so-near-future for LaGuardia airport’s impending $4 billion revamp from architects at SHoP, Dattner, and Present Architecture. [New York Post]

+ Remnants of the Great Synagogue—a landmark for Lithuania’s Jewish population which was destroyed by Nazis in WWII—has been unearthed by Israeli archeologists. [The Jerusalem Post]

Museum prank of the week, via. 

The five-year plan for LaGuardia Airport, via. 

1/2 of Banksy's high-gross murals in its original location, via. 


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