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This Artist Draws Jar Jar Binks in Margiela and Boba Fett in Supreme

Illustrator John Woo draws your favorite Star Wars characters wearing couture.
Darth Vader in Band of Outsiders, image by John Woo.

As of today, there are only 493 days left until Star Wars Episode VIII and if you’re like me, you are going to need a whole lot more of Star Wars-related everything to get you through the next year and a half. To help make the months pass by faster than it takes the Millennium Falcon to complete the infamous Kessel Run, meet John Woo, the Hong Kong-based illustrator and creative force behind He Wears It, an illustration set depicting Star Wars characters dressed in haute couture.


Woo, who describes himself as “not the ‘Face Off’ director” on his website, depicts our favorite Star Wars characters in an unironic, parallel post-Yeezy Season II galaxy, where robes and the color beige have given way to early 2000s designer threads. Using his fan boy imagination along with his watercolors, acrylic paint, and skilled hand, the artist has conceptualized a tongue-in-cheek ode to his favorite Star Wars characters by dressing them in the types contemporary outfits. Woo, remarks on how his Star Wars fandom impacts his work states, “I grew up watching the Star Wars movies, those characters deeply affected me, and I am really crazy about (them).”

Jar Jar Binks wears Maison Martin Margiela, image by John Woo.

Somehow, this is a thing that totally makes sense because, if you could use the Force to make your way through the line at Supreme, you would. And while we might not know were Chewbacca stands on the “fur is murder” issue, it’s obvious to this author that Boba Fett wears Supreme and of course Jar Jar cops everything at the Margiela drop. Woo has also expanded the He Wears It series to include various other comic book and fantasy characters, but Star Wars remains a core part of his operation. We briefly caught up with Woo over email to discuss the inspiration behind the series.

Jango Fett wears Comme des Garçons, image by John Woo.

The Creators Project: How did the He Wears It idea come into being? Who is your favorite character?

John Woo: I saw some of my friends dressing in styles that looked like Star Wars characters, and then,  I thought it could be a fashion revolution if the Star Wars characters wore clothes like us. Darth Vader is my favorite one, so, I thought, he should wear my favorite brand, “Band of Outsiders”. Other characters are also wear the brands I like that match their characters and original (movie) appearance.


What would you dress Chewbacca in? Do you imagine the characters changing clothes with the seasons or just picking one outfit and sticking with it?

Chewie doesn’t dress a specific brand, but more so in an outdoor style; I think Chewbacca is an outdoors type of guy. He goings camping on his days off. I definitely think (the other characters) should change outfits every season, though. This is one of the reasons I drew them wearing high fashion.

Boba Fett wears Supreme, image by John Woo.

Scout Trooper wears Viktor & Rolf, image by John Woo.

Darth Maul wears Undercover, image by John Woo.

Woo’s prints, available on Etsy, are hand painted with watercolors and acrylic paint and typically sell for around $80. To see Woo’s full portfolio of work, check out his website.


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