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Chickenzilla Gets Revenge in The Shoes' New Music Video

You'll want to skip the KFC after watching "1960s Horror."
January 22, 2016, 2:50pm
GIF and screencap via

When you think of the greatest revenge stories, you think of Kill Bill, Oldboy, and Denzel Washington stuffing a grenade inside a kidnapper in Man on Fire. But we ask you to consider the humble tale of the chicken in The Shoes' new video for "1960s Horror," featuring Dominic Lord, from their new album, Chemicals. All the rampaging badasses in those classic revenge flicks had it pretty rough, but 30 seconds into the Emile Sornin-directed VFX extravaganza and you'll realize that none of them had it nearly as bad as the chicken.


A painful, surreal history lesson about chicken-oriented oppression sets up what could be the greatest revenge fantasy of all time: a glorious chicken uprising, led by a brutal, mutated Chickenzilla. It's not only intoxicating mix of every disaster movie, The Punisher, and 90s rap videos, but also the strongest argument for vegetarianism we've ever seen.

TFW you realise your entire species has been systematically slaughtered and eaten by hairless monkeys. Screencap via

See more videos like this on production company Division's website. Hear more of The Shoes here.


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