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This Zoetrope Cake Is Explosive

The sweetest analog animation you'll see today.
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Two things you’d never put together: dessert and animation. But that’s exactly what Ryan Kothe of design studio Wield and Devoney Scarfe of Sugar Mama Baking did. They collaborated to create a zoetrope cake, essentially a spinning pastry that animates. It acts as a series of still images in different stages of motion that, when spun at a fast enough speed, look like they’re actually moving, like a flip book. In just 16 days, Kothe and Scarfe, who had both long been interested in zoetropes, designed and calculated the animation to create a clever and undoubtedly delicious three-tier cake, complete with little skulls, lightning bolts, exploding cartoon bombs, and drips of icing from one tier to the next.


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See the cake in action here.

Learn how they made it happen here.


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