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These Intricate Island Castle Drawings Will Make You Dizzy

Aaron Wolf’s attention to detail will hypnotize you.
The AvelancheAll images courtesy the artist.


Whole civilizations seem to teeter on the precipices of tiny islands: huts, trees, bridges, and palaces are woven together in these über-detailed sketches by Vancouver-based illustrator Aaron Wolf.  The pieces in his collection A Delicate Balance were drawn by hand using Micron pens to create elaborate worlds that draw the viewer dizzyingly close to peruse every window, brick, and arch.  Almost like the geometric illusions of M.C. Escher, it feels like these worlds never end.  The islands seem to be neither stone nor tree, but a combination of the two, and the landscapes are inviting and intimidating at the same time.  The drawing is firm and confident, but the height and intricacy of the cities make them look precarious and chaotic from afar, and meticulous and intentional up close.  The rest of his work is a mixture of pop-art and steampunk surrealism, multi-breasted slug creatures living side by side with Marilyn Monroe with the head of a bear and a futuristic Batman, showing him to be a master of detail and imagination.


The Treehouse

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