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Watch a Czech Planetarium Transform into a Mythic Light Show

Instead of the sky, INITI gives you an acid trip.
Images courtesy the artists

We've seen enough projection mapping shows to know that planetariums are far more whoawesome than your standard movie screen, but Norwegian ambient artist Biosphere took it to the next level for a show at Prague's Spectaculare festival earlier this month. Alien landscapes, apocalyptic scenarios, and mythical creatures engulfed the sky in what was basically an hour-long acid trip designed by Czech projection mapping auteurs Dan Gregor and Dalibor Cée. Their company, INITI, lit the 77' diameter dome on fire with 8K visuals for Biosphere at the Prague Planetarium, filling every seat in the space thrice in one day.


Gregor, while working with the Macula art collective, designed a number of eye-exploding experiences, including an illuminated church you can play like a symphony by pointing at the statues and frescoes. The Biosphere show similarly engages viewers with every sense, from sight and sound, to the sense of wonder. Check out two videos, Biosphere's tracks "Shield, Live" and a combination of "Chukhung" and "Disparu," in the images and video below:

See more of INITI's work on their website.


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