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A Wearable Focus Pod Gives You Naptime in a 'Nutshell'

The Nutshell is a wearable pod designed by student Eden Lew to enable private moments for naps and snacks in the midst of a busy schedule.
November 17, 2014, 6:30pm
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School of Visual Arts student Eden Lew has developed a prototype for what might be the next big thing in the nap business: a wearable, sound-and-light-dampening solitude pod called the Nutshell. With several different models, accessories, and an app developed over its seven-week R&D period, Nutshell is the perfect invention for on-the-go sleeping, snacking, and other forms of efficient relaxation.

The product is the result of a course called Affirming Artifacts, which prompted students to design an object around their next piece of trash. Lew happened to throw out a sandwich bag, which sparked a train of thought about the hurried lunch, stressful breaks taken by busy students and workers. Her design, which fits comfortably around the neck like a scarf or a shawl, unfolds to create an instant area of privacy and mental focus, allowing wearers to rest without ever leaving the office.

To support the Nutshell, Lew also designed the Headshell, a plush, headphone-enabled helmet, to aid the Nutshell app, which provides music, guided meditation, and podcasts for further relaxation. While these seem like great features to help cope with arduous travel and grueling commutes, Lew told Buzzfeed News she think's its best left in the office. "I think the Nutshell has to be used in a safe environment around comfortable people," she said. "I’m not sure about [wearing the Nutshell] on planes or transport, but office spaces and studios/small classrooms are viable places to wear them.”

Right now the Nutshell is just a few prototypes developed for a class, and Lew hasn't yet decided whether to develop or exand it. If she does, it just might be the answer to the post-desk-lunch screen fatigue problem we've been having.

Lew's friends act as test subjects for the Nutshell.

Visit Lew's website for more information on the Nutshell's journey from concept to market.

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