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Colbert Hacks the Instagram of 'Mr. Robot' Himself, Rami Malek | Insta of the Week

Elliot Alderson would never let this happen.
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The day @colbertlateshow hacked my Instagram

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Aug 23, 2016 at 3:51pm PDT

On TV, Rami Malek plays the role of Elliot Alderson, a superhacker capable of ripping a life to shreds—or protecting the ones he loves—with a few hours of coding and creativity. But, alas, the Mr. Robot star doesn't seem to be as rigorous in real life, based on his recent Instagram hijacking by none other than The Late Show's Stephen Colbert. If you watch Tuesday night's episode, you'll notice that Colbert is subtly social engineering Malek to devote his very first—and thus far, only—Instagram snap to his own brand. Devious! There's no way to know how the introverted, antisocial "Mr. Robot" would respond to being interviewed on live TV when he's nearly paralyzed by the prospects of a birthday party, but we wonder if he might have been able to keep Colbert's PR team away from his Insta password.


Follow Rami Malek on Instagram here. New episodes of Mr. Robot air on USA on Wednesdays at 10:01 PM.

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