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Macro Footage of Liquid Morphs in Susi Sie's New Music Video

An abstract fluid cosmos emerges in Susi Sie's new video for "Sleepless," by Pan-Pot featuring L.O.U.
Images courtesy the artist

In a shadowy nether-realm, shapes rise and fall, bubbles stipple and flow, and the deeper you tread into the darkness, the more captivating it becomes. If it sounds like a moment from a Tarkovsky movie, you're not too far off: you've now entered the cymatic world of Berlin-based director, Susi Sie.

Sie is up to her old tricks with "Sleepless," her new music video for Pan-Pot feat. L.O.U., off the forthcoming The Other album (out September 25 on Second State Audio), using her dynamic Canon 5D and 100mm macro lens duo to envelope the viewer into her abstract fluid cosmos. Gaze deep enough into this abyss, and Nietzsche himself might gaze also back into you.


Check out some snapshots and behind-the-scenes images, and watch the video for "Sleepless," below.

Sleepless from Susi Sie on Vimeo.

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