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[Preview] Get Your Kicks at a Weekend Art Party in New York

A look inside Refinery29's 10th anniversary spectacular, '29Rooms,' which features installations by Petra Collins, Danielle Levitt, CONFETTISYSTEM, Shantell Martin, and more.
Art In The Dark room. Courtesy of The Gathery for Refinery29

In a 50,000 square foot warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Refinery29 has created a series of dynamic one-of-a-kind installations called 29Rooms to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Visitors can choose their own adventure through 29 distinct spaces developed by creatives like Petra Collins, Danielle Levitt, CONFETTISYSTEM, and Shantell Martin.

I had the pleasure of taking a tour of the installation this morning with The Wolfpack director, Crystal Moselle, who is also a collaborator in the "Desert Drive-In" room inspired by the nostalgic open air environments of outdoor movie theaters. The starry-night room will show a collection of films from female directors, including Moselle, Ry Russo Young, Jessica Sanders, and more.


Desert Drive-In room.Ruben Chamorro for Refinery29

The installation will be open to the public this weekend. It is a mix of fashion week culture, New York City art scene, and civic-minded social campaigns. A handfulof the rooms were built to explore important themes such as gender identity, body positivity, and politics, like the “Around The Globe” room—a partnership with the Lower Eastside Girls Club—or the “Vote Your Values” room, a space to consider platforms for the upcoming presidential elections.

Refinery29 really wanted to express their interests in the range of experiences available to guests from the virtual reality to branded rooms by Puma. Piera Gelardi, Refinery29 founding partner and Executive Creative Director, said in a press release for the project, “For 29Rooms, we’ve partnered with some of the most creative minds across genres to build one big, visually-driven playground—truly a one-of-a-kind destination.”

The Youth room.Ruben Chamorro for Refinery29

Moselle and I frolicked from room to room down the rainbow-hued hallway, taking full advantage of the immersive experience, opening doors, peeking through windows, writing on walls. We entered the wheat-pasted room of photographer Danielle Levitt’s "The Youth" room, full of portraits and videos of and by 12- to 16-year-olds, took selfies in the "Print All Over Me" maze of floral prints, and entered the steamy pink bathroom of artist and fashion photographer Petra Collins.

I’m looking forward to seeing how packed Hattie Stewart’s "Art in the Dark" room will be when it is full of strangers dancing to a silent disco under black lights. 29Rooms is a fun and smartly curated space safe enough to leave your inhibitions at the door.


Sound In The Clouds by Saint Heron

1000 Questions by Shantell Martin

29Rooms is free and open to the public on September 11 and 12, from 12 to 8p.m. EST, in New York City.


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