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The Supreme Satisfaction of Cars Flying Off of Cliffs

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The hairpin turn, the broken railing, the screaming descent, the spray of metal, flame, and spare tires: these are the ingredients for the perfect aerial car crash. Animator Misha Petrick, founder of The Petrick animation studio, has compiled an admirable quantity of these airborne vehicular catastrophes into his succinct supercut, Car Falls Off a Cliff. Petrick's short, while in and of itself a thrill-ride, points to the great achievements in the past 50 years of special effects—from fearless stuntmen and don't-try-this-at-home antics to the early days of VFX and CGI.


Start your day right, with the notorious cut-and-paste greenscreen from Raiders of the Lost Ark and a few doomed Toyota underbellies, below.

Find more of Misha Petrick's work on The Petrick's Vimeo and website.


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