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Artist Sculpts Her Own American Flag

For 10 years, Sara Rabhar has remixed American and Iranian flags with a slew of materials in pursuit of the immaterial.
All images courtesy of the artist.

One day a year, The United States of America is asked to consider our national identity. For 10 full years, artist Sara Rahbar did the same.

Flags, which encompasses her work from 2005 to 2014, is Rahbar's sculptural rumination on the concept of national belonging: a collection of American and Iranian flags, overrun with belts, beads, ribbons, and embroidery.

Rahbar gravitated towards the spangled symbol of the U.S. of A. and her mixed-media remixes as if by design: "I had so much emotional attachment to America, the idea of the American dream and the American flag, that it was the most natural thing for me to do," the artist tells The Creators Project. In her series, the themes she pursues are deeply personal, stemming from a lifelong search for a sense of place. "Since I was very young I have always been in a state of 'running', away from the country where I was born, away from my life, people and circumstances, and constantly watching things fall apart and attempting to put the pieces back together again," she concludes.  Below, a selection from Sara Rahbar's Flags.


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