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Dave Grohl Hears His First Ever Demo, Thinks He Sounds Like a Girl

A ‘Sonic Highways’ outtake shows the Foo Fighters frontman listening back to his 1989 demo of Scream’s “Gods Look Down.”

Dave Grohl, rock 'n' roll's cool uncle, seems to hop from project to project without pausing for breath. He can rifle off a new Foo Fighters record, form a new supergroup, produce some country music, and then put together a documentary series, all within the space of a couple years. He'll somehow avoid looking haggard in the process.

Grohl was a terrifyingly prolific individual before his chilled middle-age, of course. A new outtake from Sonic Highways shows Grohl listening back to the original version of Scream's "Gods Look Down" with Barrett Jones at Laundry Room Studios in Seattle. The December 1989 cut was the first demo that Grohl tracked every part of and the first that he held down lead vocal duties for. (The track wouldn't be released by Scream until 1993).

Grohl plays around on the desk, isolating individual instrument to pull apart his almost 27-year-old tracks. He says that he sounds "like a girl" on the vocals which seems weird until you remember that Grohl knows Courtney Love. Check it out below.

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