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Here's How Republicans Plan to Kill Net Neutrality, Climate, and Labor Rules

A series of bills making their way through Congress would give Republicans veto power over regulations passed by agencies like the FCC and EPA.
January 27, 2017, 9:13pm

Republicans in Congress are wasting no time laying the groundwork for a wholesale attack on federal regulations protecting the environment, guaranteeing internet freedom, and ensuring consumer safety and labor rights. The Republican-controlled House has passed a trio of bills that would give Congress effective veto power over future regulations advanced by the Federal Communications Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and a host of other federal government agencies. This is about more than just the new Trump administration silencing federal agency Twitter accounts—it's a brazen GOP effort to fundamentally undermine the power of US regulatory agencies. These bills would allow Congress to roll back Obama-era regulations en masse, and perhaps more importantly, would give lawmakers the power to effectively veto any future regulations that are not approved by both houses of Congress. The scope of the Republican assault on the federal regulatory apparatus is unprecedented, according to public interest advocates. At risk are regulations protecting everything from clean air and water, to food and drug safety, to workplace and labor standards, to rules protecting internet freedom and privacy. Read more on Motherboard