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The Digital World Is Leaking Onto Our City Streets

A series of public art interventions from artist Clemens Behr brings the aesthetics of the digital world into the physical world.
December 15, 2011, 7:12pm

Bringing digital aesthetics to the street, Clemens Behr’ interventionist public art works imagine what it would look like if the surfaces of our physical world started generatively proliferating geometric shapes and forms. The cardboard sculptures look like something that might have grown out of James Alliban’s augmented reality sculpture app or the triangulated patterns that travel across the surface of Quayola’s appropriated Flemish masterpieces.


It kind of looks as if a digital virus is infecting random spaces in our cities, and we’re all about catching the bug. The sculptures sprout from the platforms of subway stops and protrude from the sides of buildings. Dynamically colored, cubed and triangulated shapes burst from the surfaces, as if the environment is slowly shape-shifting along with the internet. Trees and people are no longer safe. The real world is slowly becoming subsumed under the threat of this glitchy takeover.

A selection of our favorite works is below. Visit his website for more stunning images.