Chance the Rapper, Stephen Colbert, and Ziggy Marley Dream Up the 'Arthur' Theme Again

The 'Late Show' sketch is a charming throwback to the pre-'Coloring Book' era.
January 28, 2017, 4:43pm

Back before Coloring Book dropped, when Chance the Rapper was deep in a phase of unwieldy perfectionism, the best we had to go on as a sample of the future was a cover of the Arthur theme song. Profiling Chance for GQ last August, Zach Baron said that the rapper worked for "actual months" on the song, layering the gospel harmonies and wringing every drop of sweetness from it. The result was an unlikely thing of beauty and one that, in hindsight, gave Chancelor Bennett an opportunity to explore his foundations. It was all worth it in the end.


Last night, Chance appeared on The Late Show to perform the track alongside host Stephen Colbert, band leader Jon Batiste, and the song's original composer, Ziggy Marley. The daydream sketch recreates Arthur's original intro sequence with color and charm and is entirely worth watching below.

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