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Snow Fungus Soup is a Crazy Cure-All

So say Chinese moms.

You feel like shit. And while doctors, pharmacy counters, and Tylenol PM are all there for you no matter what, what's probably missing is the TLC that only the woman who raised you can provide. The healing capabilities of a mother is a universal phenomenon—no matter where in the world you are, there are moms with tricks up their sleeves to make their babies better. This is International Mom Advice , a hub for natural healers and homesick kids alike.


"I believe the best hospital is the kitchen," says Gui Ying Lee, mother of two. "And the best doctor is yourself." Lee's cure-all is known as white snow fungus soup. Mmmmmm.

To get started, bring a pot of water to a boil. Next, drop in three or four pieces of snow fungus, a type of mushroom that, Lee says, combats dry skin and is good for your lungs. Then add a half cup of lotus seeds, which, according to Chinese medicine, aid in kidney function and keep the digestive tract healthy.

Next comes a handful of skin-soothing lily bulbs, and six or eight jujube dates, which nourish the blood, warm the body, and even stimulate the immune system. Add sugar to taste, and let the soup boil for about an hour and a half. Top it all off with a handful of goji berries and wait to go from hurting to Hulk in no time.

"It's not like McDonald's can help, not like Burger King can help," Lee reminds us. "Cooking at home is the best."

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