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Swampy T. Fox Is a Quicksand Pornographer Who Specializes in Furries

The community that’s interested in the intersection of anthropomorphized cartoon animals and quicksand is pretty small, and it should come as no surprise that the content they create is pretty shitty.

Swampin' with Swampy T. Fox.

I was first introduced to the wild world of quicksand fetishists while listening to an episode of Radiolab about the proverbial rise and fall of quicksand in pop culture. Even though the report didn’t linger much on the subject of “sinking” fetishists, I couldn’t shake the thought of people fapping to bodies slowly disappearing in a puddle of mud. So, after spending hours looking at pictures of large-breasted, topless women sinking into quicksand, I was ready to move on to the harder stuff. Quicksand fetishists had nothing on my previous fetish du jour, Shitting Dicknipples, until I dug a bit deeper.


After initially discovering the quicksand porn world, a friend of mine showed me a music video by contemporary digital artist Jon Rafman. Jon’s video is a strange mixture of filthy, sticky computer workstations and IRL anime soft porn. At one point I locked eyes with a giant furry fox sinking in mud, slowly struggling to pull itself back to the surface. My interest had been piqued.

Quicksand fetishists who get off on humans sinking into the abyss aren’t all that weird—it's a pretty obvious damsel in distress/power play thing, and I can understand why people get bonerized by it. Getting off on furries sinking in quicksand, however, is way more complex and fascinating. The community that’s interested in the intersection of anthropomorphized cartoon animals and quicksand is pretty small, and it comes as no surprise that the content they create is pretty fucking shitty. It ranges from drawings of distressed sexy foxes sporting balloon-like furry tits floating in mud, to poorly written quicksand furry erotica. I started wondering if the footage used by Jon Rafman was one of a kind—a shiny, fuzz-covered pearl buried in a North Carolina mud pit.

Using my newfound expertise at wading through the swampy waters of essential websites such as, I managed to track down the genius who made the original furry quicksand clips; a man who goes by the name of Swampy T Fox.

Swampy’s video collection is fairly limited, but offers a satisfaction beyond anything I had ever encountered on furry quicksand forums before. Swampy sinks repeatedly, trying to hold on to a few branches. The most disturbing part is hearing Swampy’s heavy breathing as he sinks deeper and deeper. The videos are bizarre and a bit scary, yet I find it impossible to take my eyes off the screen.


I’m not going to lie. I have been physically attracted to a cartoon character in the past. But just as sexy dreams of riding Aladdin’s “magic carpet” still haunt me to this day, I’m secure in saying that I’ve never wanted to bone characters with animalistic features, let alone ones getting sucked into wet dirt.

I expected Swampy to be one of those sex-crazed maniacs I had pictured roaming the internet for that perfect piece of mud-covered furry ass. After a quick exchange, I came to realize that Swampy is a fairly normal dude who just enjoys making fur suits. Fed up with the elitism and drama of the furry community, he set out to show how durable his suits were at the risk of enraging those who deemed fur suits too precious to handle a romp in the mud. His videos were inspired by his desire to produce real life cartoons, “and featured 60s and 70s slapstick humor with a touch of 90s subject matter,” as he later told me.

While his first video (which depicts a classic Nickelodeon-style slime dumping) created quite a stir in the furry community, it’s the subsequent mud videos that got people from both the furry and mud/quicksand camps pissed off at him. The thing I came to understand is that even though giant furry animals sinking into quicksand arouse these people, they have some stringent quality control standards just like any other obsessive porn fan. “It seems when you don't give people their expected porn they get extremely indignant at you,” Swampy told me.

The uninitiated fool I am thought Swampy’s videos would be the ultimate boner-inducer for those interested in furry quicksand action. But it seems like the only people he managed to please were myself, and the handful of freaks who love to dip their furry tails into muddy swamps. Even though Swampy stopped making videos a few years ago, his dirty legacy lives on through his incredible Vimeo channel. As I close my eyes tonight to dream of Aladdin, I’ll pray that someone picks things up where he left off.