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The Whole Playboy Company Is Reportedly for Sale

For a price that's reportedly north of $500 million, buyers will get a magazine, an iconic logo, and a mansion with an 89-year-old Hugh Hefner in it.

Photo via Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

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There are no confirmed financial details yet, but the entire Playboy company, mansion, and branding rights may all be up for grabs and could sell for at least $500 million, theWall Street Journal reports.

The company is supposedly exploring a sale just months after listing its iconic mansion for a slim $200 million back in January (89-year-old Hugh Hefner would still live there). Buyers would not only gain a new mansion and tenant, but the use of the Playboy bunny, one of the most iconic and recognizable brand logos in the world. They would also get a magazine formerly famous for publishing fully nude women and now famous for not doing that anymore.

CEO Scott Flanders told CNN he wouldn't name prospective buyers, but mentioned suitors include an international media company as well as "a well-funded multi-channel brand management company."