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Watch the Ladies of Drunk Feminist Films Booze Their Way Through Canadian Election Ads

What better way to endure campaign propaganda than with a few shots?

Footage courtesy Daily VICE

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

Slamming back sangria (or bourbon or screech) is a natural reaction to dealing with a lengthy dumpster fire of a federal election. Which makes the hosts of Drunk Feminist Films instant experts when it comes to properly assessing the effect of campaign ads. DFF is a collective of feminists whose approach to analyzing gender representation in Hollywood involves a whole lot of booze. They host screenings and run a YouTube series and are generally hilarious and outspoken about films like Gone Baby Gone and 50 Shades of Grey because, well, booze.

Watch: Daily VICE featuring the drunk feminists

We wanted to get their perspective on campaign ads from the leaders of the three major federal parties (the actual ads, not the fucked up ones created by the director of The Chickening) so we invited Amy Wood, Amil Niazi, and Gillian Goerz to our screening room for some "shots and heckling."

Some of the choice quotes on the various ads include: "I think I caught a small glimpse of his dickprint" (Justin Trudeau trapped on the elevator); "My number one response to Thomas Mulcair is that he looks like a hamster"; "It's not that he has a beard, it's that he shaves his whole face. #hamstertruth" (getting to know Tom Mulcair); and "it doesn't say what he did about it, it just says that it happened while he was prime minister" (the world went to shit while Stephen Harper was PM).

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