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University of Missouri President Timothy Wolfe Has Resigned Amid Student Protests

Student protests have been going on for weeks over repeated incidents of racial harassment on campus and a perceived lack of action from the school's administration.
Photo via the University of Missouri faculty website

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Timothy M. Wolfe, University of Missouri system president, announced his resignation on Monday after widespread protests due to Wolfe's recent mishandling of racial tensions on campus, the New York Times reports.

Students at the University of Missouri have been calling for Wolfe to step down for weeks, with one student, Jonathan Butler, even holding a hunger strike. Over the weekend, athletes from the University of Missouri football team went on strike to show their solidarity, and faculty walk-outs were planned for Monday and Tuesday.

Wolfe announced his plan to step down to an audience of reporters during Monday's meeting of the school's governing board in Columbia.

"Use my resignation to heal and start talking again," he said.

The university protests began in response to rampant incidents of racial harassment on campus, including a swastika drawn in human shit on a dorm wall last October, and the perceived lack of action from the school's administration.