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Watch GoPro Footage of the Raid That Helped Bring Down El Chapo (Again)

It's pretty much as intense as you would expect.
Screencap via Youtube user Carlos Loret/Courtesy Primero Noticias

If the story of how Sinaloa Cartel boss El Chapo got re-captured on Friday wasn't already sufficiently cinematic, you can now watch video of the early-morning assault that eventually brought him down, courtesy of Mexican TV show Primero Noticias, as ABC News reported.

The raid ultimately lasted about 15 minutes and left five Chapo associates dead (and one Marine injured). The government apparently made GoPro footage culled from the helmet worn by a Marine involved in the raid available to TV network Televisa. True to form, Chapo—known for pioneering the use of tunnels in the drug trade—snuck out a secret compartment behind a mirror into a tunnel with a top deputy. They then stole a car before being captured by federal cops.

Chapo—real name Joaquín Guzmán Loera—reportedly wanted to make a biopic with admirers in the movie biz while he was out. That at least begins to help explain why he would dare meet up with actor Sean Penn for a jungle chat (the Rolling Stone story was published to much controversy on Saturday.)

For now, Chapo will have to make do with this brief (albeit plenty violent) documentary treatment.