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Idaho Had to Replace Mile Marker 420 with Marker Number 419.9 Because You Stoned Idiots Kept Stealing It

We get it, you smoke weed.
August 18, 2015, 8:39pm

The approximate spot along Highway 95 where milepost 420 should be, via Google Maps

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420 is a number associated with weed, and weed is a drug that makes you think shit is funny when you smoke it. So if you're stoned, the Niagara Veterans Memorial Highway in Niagara Falls, Canada, also known as Highway 420 is comedy gold. Do you know what the country code for calling the Czech Republic is? It's 420, dudes! Do your sides hurt yet?

Also, the mile marker along US highway 95 in Idaho after number 419? That's 420 too! Except it's not anymore, because stoners kept stealing it so they could take it home and hang it in their bedrooms. Today, the Idaho Transportation Department acknowledged that it had to get rid of mile marker 420 altogether, and replace it with mile marker 419.9, because that's not funny at all.

The marker, which was just outside of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, was one of very few mile 420 markers, Transportation Department official Adam Rush told The Associated Press. Rush claimed—weirdly—that highways don't usually cover more than 400 miles.

In other 420 news, over this past weekend, stoners who also like to jog decked themselves out with the number 420 and ran a race in San Francisco. According to Time, this was so they could "change the perception of weed." One of the participants was quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle as saying, "People who use marijuana have been classified as dumb, lazy, stupid people, and with this race we're showing them we're not what they say we are."

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