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Sad News: Corey Feldman Will No Longer Be Throwing Parties Because of Me

Sorry, everyone!
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A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about a depressing birthday party Corey Feldman threw for himself. Earlier this month, after almost two years, Corey announced in a press release that he will no longer be throwing parties as a result of the damage I caused to his brand.

The party I wrote about took place in 2013 in a rented McMansion in Sherman Oaks that Corey was allegedly not paying rent on. It cost $250 to get into if you were a guy, but was free for women to attend, as long as they first emailed photos of themselves in their underwear to Corey for approval and were willing to wear lingerie for the duration of the party.


In attendance were Corey's Angels, a group of women who belong to a company set up by Corey which is also called Corey's Angels. At the time, he was describing it as a "360 degree interactive experience." At the time, as now, it was not totally clear what that meant.

Dotted around Corey's sparsely furnished house were wonkily framed posters for the movies he'd starred in in his glory days. They were in the cheapest frames imaginable. The kind you get by selecting the "Add a frame to this order for $4.99" option when buying a poster on Amazon. They created a perfect representation of where Corey was at in his life.

The party was, unsurprisingly, bleak. I'd promised Corey a final edit on my coverage, so I did a writeup so positive that nobody but Corey could fail to realize I was joking. Corey signed off on the text, calling it a "great article!" Once he realized people were laughing at him, he got very mad at me, and started attempting to ruin my reputation online.

Despite this, Corey continued to do the parties. And judging from the write-up of one of those parties a co-worker of mine did on this site the following year, they continued to be exactly as depressing as the one I'd attended.

Corey and his angels seem to be having a bit of a rough time again lately. In July, a baseball team publicly apologized for the quality of a performance by a band made up of Corey and his angels during one of their games.


Then, last month, he and three of his angels appeared on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap in which he swapped Courtney, his main angel, with the fiancée of the comedian Tommy Davidson.

In the episode, Corey described what exactly the Corey's Angels company is. He explained that it began because he realized he had helped a lot of women in their careers but hadn't gotten anything in return. "They went off to be successful, and what did I get out of it? Not much. That's why I developed my company," he said. So, to insure he would never again have to do a selfless thing, Corey launched Corey's Angels, a "management, production, and development business" aimed at young, beautiful women who want to break into the entertainment industry.

Part of the contract Corey has his angels sign. Screencap via YouTube

He explained that, when women agree to sign with Corey's Angels, they have to move into his house with him and sign a contract agreeing to live by a set of strict rules: no alcohol, no male visitors, mandatory exercise, dress codes (mostly lingerie), strict dietary regulations (Corey's main girlfriend eats nothing but fruit), mandatory housework, and the vague and ominous "Angels must be coachable and teachable."

It is a living situation that, arguably, ticks off more than one item on the National Human Trafficking Resource Center's guide to recognizing a victim of human trafficking.

The rest of the episode featured Corey being Corey. In one scene he told off his new wife for wearing jeans ("lingerie is always good"). In another he got annoyed because she told two of his angels that they should go to college ("right now they're in a college, and the college is called Corey's Angels"). He also critiqued her body ("If you cut out meat, it's going to give you the body you never even thought possible after having kids.").


People on Twitter, predictably, reacted to the episode negatively. Corey tweeted a few times defending himself, claiming that the producers of the show had used trick editing to make him look bad. But Corey is, by his own admission, a man who lives with a gaggle of women who have signed contracts promising to be subservient to him in the hopes that it might make them famous. There's not an editor alive who could take that material and make Corey look good.

This recent piling on of public scorn may go some way to explaining why, two years after I wrote about one of his parties, Corey has decided to send out a press release announcing their cancellation.

The author of the press release isn't specified, but, as it refers to Corey as both "one of the world's favorite actors and musicians" and "loved by all," one has to assume Corey was involved somehow.

In the release, the writer explains that Corey is eliminating the party-planning portion of the Corey's Angels company as my coverage of his 2013 party caused such damage to his brand that the parties became "lackluster." It should be noted that, this time, Corey's Angels are described as being "known for creating an environment where women who have endured abuse and torture throughout their lives, could live in an atmosphere free of judgment and criticism, while feeling appreciated and beautiful."

The full press release is below:

"One of the world's favorite actors and musicians has been the victim of negativity from the press. Corey Feldman is loved by all for his iconic roles in blockbuster movies such as Gremlins, The Goonies, and Stand By Me but now Feldman is going public that he feels betrayed by a media outlet. Feldman has received international exposure for his multi-tiered 360 management, development, and production entity called "Corey's Angels." The company is known for creating an environment where women who have endured abuse and torture throughout their lives, could live in an atmosphere free of judgement and criticism, while feeling appreciated and beautiful. In 2011, Corey's Angels began hosting exclusive events at the Feldman mansion. The events sold out almost instantly and were packed with gorgeous women, VIP clients, and a wide range of celebrities. According to a statement posted by Corey on his website ( two years ago, he agreed to allow a member of the press to access to his very private world, and "it turned out that they were there for a secret mission to destroy the private world we created" and the "many brutal attacks in the media' caused the special world he created to be 'severely damaged.' "The damage that was done has caused the events that followed to be "lackluster," and now Feldman has eliminated this portion of his company. Despite all of this, Feldman is excited for the recent successes of Corey's Angels, including the ratings spike on their episode of ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap; the national tour of the all Angel band; the new Corey's Angels TV series; and the upcoming double CD album "Angelic 2 the Core." Corey is known for being an optimist and always doing his best to leave everything on a positive note, and because of that he wants everyone to remember his events by watching this video of his star studded birthday bash. For media inquiries, contact Kerry Knight of Nati Celebrity Services at KerryKnightPR(at)"

RIP Corey's parties. They were fun* while they lasted.


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