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China Wants People to Stop Seductively Eating Bananas Online

China's Ministry of Culture has put a ban on eating bananas on camera erotically, because apparently this is a thing.
Photo via Flickr user Emilian Robert Vicol

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China has officially banned "seductive" online phallic fruit consumption, CCTV News reports.

Nineteen of China's major livestream platforms have been under investigation by the Ministry of Culture since April for violating laws regarding overly sexualized content, like peeling and eating a delicious, dick-shaped banana, Global Times reports. CCTV says the government has accused platforms of allowing content that is too vulgar, violent, and sexual.

In December 2015, President Xi Jinping said at a Communist Party summit that China's internet content isn't above the law, and government action is necessary to strengthen "civilized behavior" and rehabilitate "the cyber ecology."

New regulations mean hosts of livestreaming services are required to monitor their websites 24/7 for any sign of illicit banana eating. Luckily, there are still plenty of genital-like fruits and vegetables out there to work with.