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The Feds Just Raided Another Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Clubhouse in Indiana

A neighbor claimed around 30 agents "tore [the house] up."
Photo of downtown Fort Wayne via Wikipedia.

On Wednesday morning, residents of Fort Wayne, Indiana, got a rude awakening when the local Outlaws Motorcycle Club hangout was raided by state, local, and federal law agents, as the local newspaper News-Sentinel reported.

It was the second federal raid on an Outlaws Motorcycle Club outpost in Indiana in a week. Authorities seized another clubhouse in Indianapolis last Friday.

Both houses are now in the feds' possession, marking the end of a years-long battle. According to a local Fox affiliate, in 2012, federal agents began to connect Outlaws across the state with various criminal activities. Both houses were raided back then, and an indictment the next year charged over 50 people with Tony Soprano–esque crimes like racketeering, money laundering, operating an illegal gambling operation, and fraud.

This latest showdown was reportedly quite the scene.

"I thought somebody got shot, but I guess it was them throwing a flash-bang inside," one neighbor said, according to local outlet 21Alive. "Then I come outside to try to smoke a cigarette and they're like, 'Well, you cannot be out here. You have to go back inside.'"

The neighbor claimed around 30 agents "tore it up."

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