We Went to Prom for Grown-Ups


This story is over 5 years old.


We Went to Prom for Grown-Ups

Some adults just want to live the teenage dream tonight.

According to every cliche teenage movie, prom is supposed to be the long-awaited—and best—night of your high school career. That is, unless you live in the real world and it isn't. Whether you skipped the prom entirely, got stood up, or were too drunk to stumble home past your parents, there are many reasons not to want to relive the memories. For a group of adults out on Long Island, there was reason enough to gather in the basement hall of a local hotel to celebrate the second annual Adult Prom hosted by Kay York Affairs. Unlike your typical high school prom, attendees were dressed to the nines dancing to the tunes of Madonna and the Electric Slide while perusing sex toys and getting massages in between Budweisers and a buffet dinner. Photographer Amy Lombard was on the scene to document the festivities and crowning of adult prom kings and queens clinging to their youth for one final night.