Victorian Prisoners Have Been Busted Growing a Lot of Weed in Jail

A total of 28 cannabis plants have been confiscated from Gippsland's Fulham Correctional Centre.
August 11, 2016, 12:00am

Not the confiscated cannabis plants in question. Image via

Victorian Police were called to the Gippsland's Fulham Correctional Centre Wednesday when it was discovered that its green-thumbed inmates were cultivating 28 cannabis plants in the prison's nursery. The plants were identified during a routine security check on Wednesday, and have since been confiscated.

The Fulham Correctional Centre is a medium security prison housing approximately 900 male prisoners. It is operated by private correctional services company GEO Group, who are contracted by the Victorian government.

"[We] take this matter very seriously," a spokesperson for Corrections Victoria told VICE this morning.

"As soon as the cannabis plants were discovered by Fulham Correctional Centre staff, Victoria Police was notified and the police investigation is continuing."

Jan Shuard, the Corrections Commissioner, has requested a report from the private operator of the prison as to how the plants were able to be grown in the nursery.

Speaking to the ABC, Victorian Minister for Corrections Steve Herbert asked the company to explain how the inmates had been able to grow the illegal plants within the confines of a supposedly secure prison facility.

2016 hasn't been a good year for Fulham Correctional Centre. In January, the prison made headlines when it was revealed that one of its inmates was keeping a highly venomous brown snake as a pet. The snake was captured by the prisoner in the exercise yard, and was discovered when prison security officers discovered a plastic food container in the inmate's quarters.

In April, two male prisoners escaped from the facility and weren't noticed missing for more than two hours. They were captured the following day after being spotted walking along train tracks in a nearby suburb, following an all-night police chase. The facility refused to comment on their methods of escape.

If you're a prisoner, it seems you can have a pretty good time at Fulham.

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