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Listen to the New, Indie-Game-Focused Episode of the VICE Gaming Podcast

'Thomas Was Alone' maker Mike Bithell and State of Play's Daniel Fountain join editor Mike Diver to chat about these "indie game" things.

Illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham

Indie games: what are they about? Listen to the VICE Gaming Podcast, the episode we've got for you right here, and you might just find out.

Joining us (me) to chat about the unique joys and pressures of working in small teams, living up to audience expectations, and winning bleedin' awards and stuff is Mike Bithell, designer and developer behind the BAFTA-grabbing Thomas Was Alone and 2015's silkily stealthy Robin-Hood-'em-up caper Volume. Beside Mike is Daniel Fountain, programmer at London studio State of Play, responsible for the amazingly tactile puzzler Lumino City – another BAFTA winner, no less. It's a solid 34 minutes of talking and laughter, a perfect lunch break accompaniment.

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